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CLRSS Updates

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CLRSS normally meets on the first Monday of each month at 6:30 PM either in a Zoom meeting or in person.


To attend please email us for the Zoom Link or meeting location.

Next Meeting

September 13th

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July 2021
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May 2021

CLRSS AGM on Zoom Sunday May 30th at 10 AM

If you wish to attend the zoom AGM please send a request to and we will send you the link.  To access the AGM Agenda click here. 

To access the 2021 AGM Report click here.

March 2021

CLRSS Has Joined the New National Decibel Coalition 

CLRSS is now a member of the National Decibel Coalition of Lake Based Organizations and Municipalities lobbying for federal control of excessive boat noise. Read the Decibel Coalition newsletter here.