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Weir Ready! and 
Weir Almost There!

Finally, the BC Provincial Budget 2024 included $14Mil for the weir! Way to go everyone, and especially CLRSS letter writers and long-time relentless advocates.

Weir Getting Closer!
For Details click here: 

For excellent Background information on the long process of getting to this moment visit the Cowichan Watershed Board who have been leading this push. 

Weir Planning a Summer Festival!

This years CLRSS Signature Event will be focused on educating about  the redeveloped Weir.  The objectives are:

  •  understand that Weir Creating the Future for generations to come;

  • realize Weir All Connected – all species are connected through their dependence on water;

  • become familiar with the Lake Cowichan weir redevelopment project and the Shoreline Assessment tool, enabling a better understanding of increased water storage;

  • sharpen identification skills about invasive species and adopt methods and habits to stop their spread;

  • support CLRSS after learning of its concerns and actions on behalf of community well-being;

  • enjoy a Weir Focused event filled with educational family-oriented exhibits that feature hands-on activities, along with talks and tours which support weir redevelopment.

Weir Ready.png
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